The      Mindstrumentalist       Enclave


Our diverse artists are each one of a kind with melodies, beats and compositions far from the norm. Listen and embark on a journey of music, truth and lyrical experience. These recordings and finished works stand on their own as you experience each one.

The Bad Seed


Location:     41° 54' 59" N / 83° 23' 52" W (and other outer realms of the dimensional universe)

Hip Hop Artist, Spoken Word, Poetry, Exceptional Word Fanatic

Active Genre's:
Hip Hop, Spoken Word, Poetry


                                                                 Heart Strings, Brain

X-Ray Man Dave 909

X-ray Man Dave No. 909

Location:     41° 54' 59" N / 83° 23' 52" W  (and other outer realms of the universe)

Engineer, Hardware, Software, Electronics Consultant, Musician, Composer, Dimensional Alien Enthusiast

Active Genre's:
                                                                                 Instrumental Progressive Music, Electronic, Rock, Blues, Jazz

                                                                                 Guitar, Synthesizer, Drums, Three Finger Piano   Playing